Why Choose D-Link Academy?

D-Link has extensive experience in the networking industry, having spent more than 25 years as a leading networking company that provides solutions to businesses and consumers.As part of its e-learning initiative, D-Link has leveraged the Internet to form a comprehensive hub for all your networking learning needs.By taking the D-Link certification exams, users will be given both the knowledge and confidence to remain competitive in today’s networking world.Prospective registrants may also take into consideration the following factors before signing up:

  1. D-Link Academy is an affordable learning platform that offers high-quality training solutions.It provides an excellent value, and is more easily accessible by a wider audience due to the low entry barrier.
  2. D-Link exams complement the certifications offered by other vendors and can be used to refine an existing knowledge base.It is also a good starting point for those who wish to take more difficult and higher-level exams.
  3. D-Link has a renowned reputation as a SMB solution provider, and understanding of its product lines will ensure that users have the expertise to compete in today’s SMB focused companies. The D-Link Academy program will be useful for individual career planning and can help in finding a job.
  4. D-Link Academy will allow students to shift from schools to work industries, and non-IT people to transition to IT related fields.

With D-Link Academy, participants will gain the foundation to be future networking professionals, and will be empowered to achieve future growth through learning!

For more information you can write us at dlinkacademy@spit.ac.in